My top 5 cafes & a Balinese cooking experience in Ubud, Bali

As soon as I arrived in Bali I was enthralled by the number of amazing vegan and vegetarian restaurants out here. Although I am not quite interested in following a strict vegan diet, I now have a better understanding of the creativity in producing a vegan dish. I never quite understood what exactly vegans do actually eat! It really is intriguing and innovative. To my vegan friends, I apologise for my ignorance in the past.

Here are my top 5 eating spots in Ubud, Bali for a dose of nutrition and relaxation featuring a Balinese cooking experience.

Kafe Ubud was the first I stumbled across to grab myself a healthy lunch after the long travel from Kathmandu to Bali and the drive from Denpasar. The quirky bistro is very popular with travelers, expats and locals alike. It has a warm and vibrant atmosphere making it a great hangout spot to meet others. You can really sense Kafe’sethos of a healthy, environmentally-conscious lifestyle through the goodness of the food to the service, and the vibe.

Veg burger in a wrap with wild berry ice tea, Kafe Ubud

Atman Nourish Kafe quickly became my regular spot for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This cafe is a branch of Atman Kafe just further up Jalan Hanoman. I found it perfect to chill out, get some work done overlooking the rice paddies, read a book or engage in conversation. They also have amazing desserts, a mouth-watering selection of Kombucha and a boutique shop at the front.

The Seeds of Life Cafe is a raw vegan cafe and tonic bar. I had the most filling and scrumptious enchilada, which left me very satisfied all afternoon without that terrible bloated feeling I usually suffer with! The smoothies and juices are also very exciting and the choice is very wide.

Sayuri Healing Food is a totally zen eatery and very popular with health enthusiasts. The menu has a vast selection of raw vegan food and they also have an awesome recipe book on sale by raw-vegan food chef, Sayuri Tanaka. In it, she shares eye-opening tips and tricks, and I personally regret not getting grabs on one but its also available on Amazon! Rock on!

Alchemy is definitely on every traveler’s radar when in Ubud. It has a fine selection of raw vegan and organic foods. Unfortunately, I only made it there once as I was mostly hanging out in places near my guesthouse south of Hanoman Jalan (TIP: if you know how to drive a scooter it’s totally worth renting one at around 3 euro per day which allows you to explore many places around Ubud more freely. I did not. Fail!) Nonetheless, I did get there and had an awesome breakfast smoothie bowl made up of a variety of ingredients of your choice. You can choose from a lovely selection of granola, muesli, fruits, raisins and more, together with a fresh smoothie. Yummylicious. Unfortunately, I don’t have photos to document this – my phone was completely out of order at this time.

For cooking enthusiasts: Do join a Balinese cooking class at Green Kitchen. Totally worth it. We were picked up from Ubud and taken to another town to the local market. Here was an abundance of fruit, vegetables, spices, herbs, roots, flowers and more. It was a wonderful experience to get in some daily local life of Bali. I feel like this aspect is very often overlooked when visiting a country. I say, if you haven’t experienced any local life, you haven’t visited the country.

After the market, we were taken to the Green Kitchen’s farmland where we were supposed to take a walk around the rice paddies; however, it had just rained a lot making it more muddy than usual! During the monsoon season (October to April), this is not always possible.

Uncovering rice grain from the paddy on the farm

Our head chef and guide Nyoman has an enchanting personality; charisma, charm, and humbleness shine through him. The staff at the Green Kitchen laid out the ingredients we were to use to prepare the dishes that were pre-selected. They include a variety of locally grown herbs and spices from their own farm and some others from the local market. My taste buds were tantalised and seduced as we tasted each ingredient. This definitely got us very excited to move right on to the eating part!

We prepared a variety of dishes from scratch using this fantastic wood fire multi-stove. They included corn fritters (Pergedel Jagung), water spinach with spicy tomato sauce (Plecing Kangkung), Vegetables with homemade peanut sauce (Gado Gado) made by hand using traditional techniques for grounding, tofu Balinese curry (Santan Tofu), banana stalk soup (Jukut ares) and black rice pudding with coconut milk (Bubur injin) which took my breath away.

Some of the dishes we prepared. Homemade Balinese cooking at Green Kitchen Bali

The Green Kitchen Bali is highly recommended. Great for groups too.

If you haven’t already visited Bali, you definitely should! It’s been on my bucket list for years, with no exact reason. Now I know why!

Happy belly happy soul 🙂

Oooohhhhmmmmmmm Yyuuummmyyy Yyyuummmyyyyyyy Oooohhhhhmmmmm. Peace out sacred beings x



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