Time to get ‘naked’

What’s the first thing that crossed your mind when you read ‘naked’?

Have you ever looked within yourself to seek the truth beyond your style, your job, your expectations or those that others make of you? Getting ‘naked’ has gone way beyond removing my clothes. Over the recent years, its meaning has slowly transposed into the food I eat, the way I think, the actions I take. It’s a process I am currently undergoing; re-awakening my inner child, getting rooted in nature, and grounding my body and mind to the Earth.

This naked form can quickly be forgotten and lost when getting swamped in with a number of projects without prioritising the required time for the self. Life has spiraled and distracted me from this way of existence and has taken me far off the ground into a form I no longer recognised. This is a result of choices. Further covering up and layering up the truth.

Enter Bali. Oh. My. God! All the gods for bringing me here; thank you! It’s paradise at every corner. At every bend, every step, an attractive café itself to me, serving fresh and organic scrumptious vegan food. The variety of grains, toppings, fillings from pizza crusts to wraps, salads, burgers, snacks… all to die for prepared in the most interesting and creative way. My preconception of a vegan diet was hard to comprehend. Now I get it, and it’s actually an art of extremely healthy and creative dishes using Earth’s most nutritious resources. From its preparation to its consumption … A ‘unicorn’ moment!

Completely vegan and gluten-free ‘Food nakedness’ in totality. Is that a word? I will definitely add up my favourite eateries in Ubud by the end of this trip, stay tuned for that if you are planning to come out here.


The main reason for being here right now is not the food, although it is a massive bonus. What drew me in to finally make it to Bali, a destination on my bucket list since I was a child, is to participate in Naked, The Retreat. A time to strip down all the superficial beliefs of myself let go of any negative emotion and strip away emotional baggage.

Before taking the decision to apply for ‘Naked’, I began a self-managed process of letting go of many situations and relationships that I had unhealthily attached myself to. Of course, I was being faced with a lot of unexplained emotion and perhaps realised that this may need guidance. Maybe the reasons for these attachments are beyond the situation themselves. The emotional ride I took a seat on may involve things much deeper than I could imagine. I must say this is a challenging process, and it’s almost scary. I’ve spent the last month preparing for this, with the guidance of the retreat organisers.

I’ve been blessed on many occasions since I had this realisation. Following the last blog post ‘Living as an expat’, my heart and mind opened wider. Ready to take on whatever it takes for me to go on a new journey with myself. This goes to thank the beautiful souls that reached out to me at a personal level to share their own stories in so many forms and situations. It has enabled old connections to rekindle with me who have sparked some flame inside me, and most of all re-assurance; we are all human and we are all seeking to belong.

I knew that 2018 would be my break. This year should be about me, not in a selfish egoistic way but about damn time I re-focus my energy on myself to be the better version of me and not what people have been seeing in the last year. Or what others think of me. It’s constant work and not just now.

So here I am, ready to dig in and open my heart whilst soaking in the beauty of this paradise island, Bali. Search, let go and move forward. This trip on day three has taught me one very important thing. The life I’m living and the situations I find myself in right now, with the people I’m sharing it with are no coincidence. I’m making it happen.

Today, a new companion quoted from Sadhguru, “Your responsibilities are limitless.” I will leave you with this quote for both you and I to explore this concept further.

In the meantime, it’s time to get naked!

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