Nepal, 1 year after earthquake 

One year has passed since an earthquake shook Nepal and its people into massive challenges. When I listen to stories from this day my skin shivers with goose flesh. The destruction it caused it to many historical sites is just the beginning; it goes on to The loss of lives, children orphaned with nowhere to go, shattered bodies, shattered lives as people are forced into poverty.

Photojournalism during crisis

I’m very far from being a photographer myself but I have complete admiration for the photojournalists featuring here.

rubble and remains of what used to be a 9 story tower

Today, together with a group of Nepali photographers I stood at sites that were destroyed. The young men recounted their stories. “Here we cleared the rubble. This is where we pulled out a dead body”. And they go on. This group of photographers have really inspired me and reminded me that before our profession, before our work, before anything we are human. During the time they were taking photos, and without thinking further they put their cameras down and helped in the emergency.

The stories that these men have, the heartache and destruction that they have witnessed are frightening. To know that people already putting up a fight and sweat to make ends meet, woke up one day to nothing left but rubble and the few items they could salvage, or even worse to caring for severely injured family members or mourning the loss of their loved ones.

photographers capture a man making an offering in durbar square on top of the rubble

It’s been one year since this day, and it pains me to know that very little has been done by the government. Families remain living in make-shift housing, children haven’t been going to school. This is true for many Nepali families living in camps in Kathmandu or rural villages.

Take action Nepal! 

It seems the most effective action that has been taken is by small local organisations. I’ve had the pleasure to work with WCN relief project and Maya Unievrse academy who are providing long term solutions to earthquake victims.

On 16th April, just a week before the first year anniversary of the earthquake, Maya Universe Academy accepted 24 children from earthquake affected families living in Gorkha district. After the VDC selection process, the children’s guardians brought them to the school. You can see the fear and anxiety as the children separated from their guardians and parents.

The transformation in just a few days for some of these children has been magnificent. Most haven’t been attending school in the last year, all have experienced trauma including losing close family members, their home and their livelihood. Maya is giving them love, education, nutrition and a safe home. More importantly, they are being given their childhood, their right to quality education and an opportunity to break the poverty and uneducated cycle of their families. The school is looking for long term sponsors for these children. One can contact for more info.

3 young girls from Gorkha overlooking a young man washing his hands

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