Searching for the kid in me 

I was never the fun park kind of kid. I don’t think my parents were either. I’ve never been to Disney land or anything similar and always shied away from the small pop up fun parks back home.

Whilst in Udaypur, I received a call to request that I present to some college students in Kathmandu about Maya universe academy’s youth workshop programs. I hopped onto the bus with 2 students who needed to return to Tanahun district school…. We took a little detour to Kathmandu! Bobby comes from Udaypur and now lives in Tanahun in the main school of Maya universe academy. Regina is from Tanahun and is the current school captain (voted by the students). 

   So… Apart from temples and other site seeing … What to do with an 11 year old and 10 year old!? 

  Fun park it was … We went on a number of rides. Ferris wheel was the highlight where I was probably as excited as they were on this warm and incredibly super clear afternoon. Peaks of Himalaya glistened in the background as we rose on the Ferris wheel higher and higher, round and round, faster and faster and faster …. Felt like a kid screaming (and almost crying!!) I admit, I might have enjoyed this thrill a little bit more than the girls! 

Crashing into bumping cars , catching bubbles, nibbling on candy floss and ice cream…

It was an amazing experience with the girls. Getting to understand them better, the politics and gossip of the students and more importantly, it was Bobbi’s first time in Kathmandu! Just a few weeks after losing her birth mother to cancer, this was a great opportunity for her before going back to school. 


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