Udaypur Maya Universe Academy 

After a week in the dust and grime of Kathmandu city (although somewhat “living it up” with some new Nepali friends I made) I left to Udaypur district to finally visit Maya’s second school in Rauta Chisapani.
  Led by Ashish in education, and Subash in agriculture and construction, the school has been running for 4 years already and has something over 60 students attending. Students walk for 2 hours or more to reach this school, placed on a hilltop with magnificent views. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the mountain peaks but nonetheless the place is rather magical. Very easy to get stuck there! 

Ashish dai (I refer to him as my elder brother ‘dai’) started volunteering after deciding to quit his banking job. A couple of months in, Manjil Rana (founder of Maya universe academy), saw potential in Ashish to lead the opening and management of new school in Udaypur, Sagarmatha region. Years down the line, he appears in the above photo leading the last morning circle in Rauta Chisapani. During my visit we moved the school to another village 45 minutes away called malbase. A more remote village with just a handful of nearby houses. Most of our farm land is in Malbase including ginger, tea and turmeric plantations, apple tress farms and more.  


I spent most of my weekend there carrying stones in a dokho (traditional basket with headband) with Nick who you might recognize from earlier posts, or plastering bamboo made classrooms with buffalo / cow dung and mud together with parent volunteers. It was great to get off my lazy behind and get dirty! I forgot what a truly beautiful experience it is to work with them and it reminded me why I have so much respect for them and Maya. 

On Monday we woke up to grey and wet weather but this didn’t stop the opening of the new school in Malbase, it did not stop the kids who live 2 hours away to trek and climb through the muddy hills to reach school. 

  Children, teachers, volunteers and staff gather for morning circle in Malbase, Udaypur

Rejina from Tanahun school visiting Udaypur holds Nepals national flower in her hand, laliguras

Visit http://www.mayauniverseacademy.org for more information 



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