Of sucking leeches, chicken poop and mouse droppings

We are approaching the end of Dashain holidays. And no sign of the end of the fuel crisis. As we made our way back to the village yesterday, the bus was so packed. I could easily say that we were around 30 people just on the top of the bus. As it struggled to climb the untarmaced hilly road, we were also about to topple over a few times. So a bunch of us jumped off then and trekked up the rest with a long break at rabindra dai’s shop where Nani made us some cooked noodles with egg and Chad pad – a concoction of raw noodles, rice puffs, cucumber, cooked potatoes, chili and masala. 

With us on the hike up was Niki miss, a 26 year old teacher with 2 kids. She invited me to her house and I went there for diner with Rikke and Jannu after we cleansed the dust and pollution from our bodies from riding the top of buses all day. She served us dalmhout, cucumber pickle and massu – buff meat. Followed by rice, dal and more buff meat. 

First day back at school we hit the garden at 8. Some where shoveling, others adding chicken poop, watering and weeding around the recently planted lemon trees., as Bandari (one of the hotel kids who stayed over during the holidays) prepared breakfast. Leeches sucked at my feet. Thorns poked and scratched my skin as I weeded around the trees with my bare hands. 

As I sit back in my bed to start this … Plop! A mouse drops a gift to me on my bed. Just great huh?! K garne??! Life’s still fine 


Rest in peace !


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