Pokhara, the perfect relaxation spot

It’s so good to be back relaxing in the garden of the Butterfly Lodge and drinking beers by the lake, jamming with locals and travelers in the streets.

Pokhara is a lake side town very popular with both backpackers, Trekkers and higher end tourists. The scenery is rather magestic with the Peace Pagoda stupa on the top of the hill on the left, Sarangkot on the right and on a clear day, especially in the mornings, the beautiful snow peaked fish tail mountain peaks over the hills. 

Since I’ve already done the near by hikes, rowed a boat in the lake and all that jazz, for me this break is all about warm showers, good food, lassis, coffees and rest before heading back to chisopani. 

Many of the shops were closed most of the day as they celebrated Dashain with their families. Girls, boys, ladies and men started appearing at the lake in their best dress and forehead covered in tika. The lakeside bursted with Colour and big smiles. 

With the intention of reading a book and having some good conversation with Rikke, We sat at a little cafe called Beatles Cafe, ate momo and drank beer all day. People came and left as the sun shifted behind the hills and set. It was a great day. Interesting conversations in a beautiful place.  

Breakfast at Jiva cafe and spa. Green smoothies, serene and lush garden, great people and service. Great way to start the day. They are also holding yoga lessons twice daily. 


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