Rural life

We decided to get off our asses and do something, so at 8am on Monday morning we headed for the chicken farm to clean out the chicken poop. Massive heaps of chicken poo as tall as me. We need to pack it up in sacks and carry them up to the store room, a 15 minute uphill trek. This will be used in the fields as compost. 

We used the human train approach. I was digging into the shit and packing whilst the others carried sacks to the next person. It was nice. A little boring but ok! Manoj and his wife were close by cutting grass and we would exchange a few words here and there. Miranda (now aka Mindy) and Nick would pop in every now and then and speak a little. 

 Later on we join didi (elder sister) cutting grass and leaves for the goats. She lives with us here with her two young children. Nick, Mindy and myself joined her for this task. Walked through the jungle with machetes in our hands…. Into the wild! We cut grass. Didi climbed trees. We Packed it up. Wrapped a headband and carried it back to school to the goat house; a 15 minute hike though the jungle. I felt my neck was gonna snap! It was so heavy. It seems I’ve lost a lot of my neck muscle which I really need here to carry stuff around. Luckily Milan bai saved me half way through and took the load off my back. 

We use this head strap and basket for carrying water from the tap to the school, and other things of course. This is every day life in rural Nepal. It’s a tough life eh. 



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