Musical Hansy? 

I used to think I was musical, especially in my dancing years. But I seem to have lost a lot of it when I stopped dancing ballet. I feel a big part of me was lost and I never really acknowledged it, or let it go properly.    

 Nick is a musician, a beautiful one too. He plays so many instruments, sings so beautifully. He was in a band called Fish House Road touring the states up until around a year ago. I can see why they had a great following. Just fell in love with his voice! 

He left me in the kitchen after he taught me a few chords on the ukulele. I spent an hour strumming these cords, singing gibberish and admiring the magestic view that I had in front of me. Life is good eh. 

Things seem to be going somewhere with this group as we all start opening up to each other. I’m foreseeing some incredible jamming sessions together. Since the jamming sessions we had in malta at the Eco gathering just over a month ago I feel like I’m getting getting back the “musicality” in me. I feel like it’s been dead in me but never really gone. I think it’s time to revive this 🙂 


Now in Pokhara enjoying some luxury accommodation and food before school starts again… I happen to find a store selling ukuleles. Ah this universe works in  wonderful ways! 




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