Dashain festival in. School’s out. K garne? 

What to do? K garne? The school is so quiet right now but so happy to be here visiting the kids and friends I made in the village in their homes. It’s a great time for us to settle in, adapt to the surroundings and new people around. 

The first day back in Chisopani (this is the name of the village which means cold “chiso” water “pani” ) was amazing. Time to chill, spend some time in Goma’s house (one of my favorite maya kids). Nick and I spent some time there and ended up helping her mum paint the facade of their house to get it ready for the festival. 

Milan took me around to see the chicken farm. All the broiler chickens have just been sold and we made some profit on the last batch. I’m eagerly waiting for Sadin to return to make plans on how we are going to maximize this project and market it. 

Milan is an employee at maya. He’s coming from the east of Nepal, Udaypur where the other Maya school is located. I’ve only seen photos of this village but it’s incredibly magical; so picturesque with the Everest mountain views. Milan’s typical day starts at 3 am. Together with Krishna (who’s also from Udaypur visiting his family right now) they walk 2-3 hours down to damauli for college and return to Maya to start their day in construction, animal husbandry and farming until 5pm. They then prepare dinner for all volunteers and hostel kids and go to sleep around 9. 

Did you think your life is tough? Think again!  

Happy Dashain 🙂


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