Maya Universe Academy … Take 3!

As I was eagerly planning my route to get back to Maya in the midst of a fuel crisis in Nepal, I’m put in touch with Miranda, an American girl who will also be spending a long time at Maya. To avoid any hassles she booked a private jeep to get to the school … Sweeeeett! 

Since its Dashain here in Nepal everyone will be moving around to visit their families and with very few buses running it seemed close to impossible to get a bus. Each bus was over packed with people and their belongings … People, Goats and sacks of food were being stacked up inside and on top of the bus. 

As luck has it with me, our jeep got a puncture 2 hours out of Damauli which delayed my meeting with Manjil a bit. Anyway, we got there. Had a great quick chat with Manjil. So many things happening at the school. And I’m so glad to be back and be part of the team. I want that my return to Maya to be significant and this is why we both agreed that I will be more hands on and involved in the sustainable projects. 

Priority 1 – chicken farm. 

Sadin and I will be working together to promote our chicken farm, which has taken a whole new direction. Since the price of eggs has fallen drastically and the middle man is enjoying the extra profits, it’s been decided that we will have a free range broiler farm. With the profits made from here we can supply the children with eggs for the food program. 

It will be one of the first free range chicken farms therefore we will be faced with my challenges from competition, threats from the big boys etc. I will post about this in more detail once I meet up with Sadin. 

Priority 2 – hostel kids coming from Gorkha district

Gorkha was one of the worst affected earthquake districts. The governing body of Gorkha agreed to send some children who cannot go to school or who have completely lost their homes in their village. We would be taking in around 25 children in total and for this we would need extra outside funding with 2 options of sponsorships: half sponsor covers meals (2 meals and 1 snack daily) at 35$ per month; full sponsor covers meals and other expenses to contribute to uniforms, shoes, electricity, teachers salaries etc. If anyone is interested they can contact me directly on and 

We’ve got a great team here right now, with Rikke who’s been part of Maya since the early days coming and going, myself and Yoon (Yoon lives here and has been involved since inception of Maya) along with 2 new long term volunteers Nick and Miranda both from the US. It’s the first time since Maya had so many long term volunteers so it’s going to be an interesting time and hopefully very productive. The combined skills, energy and enthusiasm should make this a very fruitful experience. Of course people will come and go in the meantime… Looking forward to the Maltese invasion in November! We will have 5 Maltese in total here at Maya! 


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