Backpackers life in Thamel

The backpacking life in thamel is perfect in Thamel… A large variety of hostels and guest houses tucked away in small allies, coffee houses, chill out lounges, live music… And round the corner the busy streets with locals, local hidden eateries and markets.. It’s got it all. I decided to stay in a hostel this time as I miss the backpacking lifestyle. The super perks of traveling, meeting people you connect with immediately and nothing is time bound. Super chill mode on. 

Last night I met Rurik, and we spoke about exactly this … The amazing connections we make during our travels. I met Rurik and a bunch of other guys, even a Maltese!! At Alobar1000 where I’m sleeping in a dorm of 6 people at 550 rupees per night. That’s around 5 euro, which isn’t the cheapest but hey times are tough in Nepal right now, especially with the fuel crisis. Alobar has an amazing rooftop chill out area which tends to gather many of its guests in the morning and evening. 

As I write here I’m getting high from second hand Ganga smoke as I try to enjoy the buckwheat pancake that was just delivered to me by a beautiful Nepalese girl. I won some brownie points with them this morning as I gave them the bouquet of flowers I received last night 😉 

My first day in Nepal was perfect…. Abhinav who I met last September at Maya who’s part of the Fly beyond dreams project, picked me up on his motorbike which was a blessing as I was concerned that I’ll get stuck due to the lack of transport at the moment. After I napped I met up with a friend I met last time… Nishchal took me round Kathmandu which is exactly what I needed to soak in the smells again, see the people and unfortunately the damage that the earthquake left behind. It was devastating to see the broken down temples in durbar square and what it left behind. I feel so lucky to have been able to see their beauty before. Here are some short clips

I couldn’t help but revisit one of my favourite local samosa shops…. Really hidden away in a tiny alley in a main road just off New Road is Tip Top. This local eatery sees hundreds of people per day, a constant production of samosas, pani puri and other local dishes all being devoured in a dark courtyard. The darkness is brightened with the people and their warmth, the ladies kurtas and smiles.  

Queuing at Tip Top 


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