The big move, getting back on the road. 

The past 7 months were a long and tough process of mega transformation. From letting go my career, my property and comfort to the way I eat, love and share with new friends I thought I’d never connect with in Malta, my home country. Hey, who knew that I’ll even write this blog until Tina suggested it! It’s been a magnificent journey which led me to this day, heading back to Nepal indefinitely with one main objective…. To live to impress myself and not others. Just over a year ago I had a conversation with a Brazilian couple I met in Nepal, Chico and Camilla, about this very day… A dream I thought was impossible and is now reality. They inspired me in many ways, taking the decision to be true to myself and follow my heart is one of them!
In March 2015 I finally found the courage to resign as marketing manager after 8 years at the same company, my family company. With it came many emotions, surprise reactions from colleagues and family members. The expectations that were imposed on me and that I imposed on myself to follow my mother’s footsteps and continue the business my grandfather set up over 60 years ago, were challenged and I’m now working towards my dreams, my own ‘heroes journey’ that so many others miss because of fear and the expectations they set for themselves. So many times I listened to others saying “I regret not doing that”, “if only I could do that one day”… I don’t want to be that person saying that to others. 

Nonetheless the support was incredible and it suddenly opened up new doors, and created new friendships and connections. Following the devastating earthquake in April I was more convinced about the decision I made. My love for the country and the people grew. Would i want to be there forever… Maybe , or maybe not, only time will tell.

I’ve become even more grateful to my home country since I started traveling. The easy way of life and comfort, especially in Malta (we’re always complaining but know deep down we have it good!) It’s comforting to know that I’ve built a loving network of family and friends around me and that will support me along the way. I believe that’s important. When this was understood, it was clear that I’m not running away. It was clear that I want to follow a new path and I would recommend it to anyone who is facing the same emotions and desire to be something greater. Weather it’s back packing in Asia or volunteering with people who are less privileged or to make a difference in environmental / wildlife conservation.

This isn’t for everyone … But I do believe everyone should put themselves out there at least once in their life. In a place that is far away from home, which is completely out of comfort zone and anything you know. Let the fear and excitement push you further to breakdown boundaries, integrate with cultures and grow emotionally and  intelligently. This is something only travel can give you.

My Amazing supportive mother, boss and coach.


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